A Day in the Life Series, Pre-DPT Edition: Jess, PT Contender

As Pre-Physical Therapy students, we all share the goal of getting into a Doctor of Physical Therapy program, but we don’t all get there the same way. We come from different backgrounds, and have endured struggles and pushed past obstacles to achieve what we want.

Samantha & I thought it would be fun to share a little snapshot of our lives at this point in our journeys to PT school. We hope you will join us in reading & in sharing your versions of A Day in the Life, Pre-DPT. If you’d like to share your ‘A Day in the Life’ & be featured on our website, please send your submissions to: PreDPTsociety@gmail.com

Here’s a Monday from my life:

0900: I woke up late today because I was up late last night. Like 3:30 AM late. This is pretty typical and happens about 2-3X a week for me. I’m naturally a night owl and tend to feel creative & ready to work when most are getting to bed!

When I wake up the first thing I (usually) do is a Wake Plank. It’s really just doing a plank asap after waking up. Today it was 45 seconds.

0910: Next, I make coffee, but I don’t drink it until later. While I’m getting coffee ready, I either have oatmeal, fruit, or I make a green smoothie. Since it’s gotten warm outside I’ve been craving more hydrating foods – so lots of fresh fruit & smoothies for me lately! Today it’s a kiwi & a mandarin orange. I take 2 quick photos of my fruit for snapchat because I plan on sharing the nutritional benefits of kiwi today.

0930: I open my planner and write some things I’d like to accomplish for the day. Today I’ve written: PTCAS outline, GRE register, GRE practice test, Poshmark photos.

0935: Now, I check my email. The first message I click on is Greg Todd’s Mentoring Monday. Today’s article is: How I Build Relationships over the Phone. It’s a good one. I make a note in my planner to share this article on Twitter later.

0945: I’m ready for my first cup of coffee. Then, I start making my outline for the PTCAS essay while sipping on my coffee.

1030: I have a rough outline finished and I get ready to do a short power yoga video. I get my yoga clothes on & turn on my favorite workout video, which is 10 minutes on YouTube. [If you’re interested, just search popsugar power yoga & click on the one where both women in the photo are doing Eagle pose.] It’s the best for mornings or in the middle of the day when I don’t want to work up a huge sweat.

1100: After the workout, I create my snapchat story from my breakfast photos. This includes looking up the nutritional benefits of kiwis. [Did you know kiwi was good for eye health? I didn’t until researching it today!]) I also have another mandarin orange and salt & vinegar almonds.

1130: Now I’m researching PT schools. There are SO many. I add a couple to my list of schools I’ll be applying to. Today I added one in Texas and one in Colorado.

1230: I vacuum the floors in my apartment and fold some laundry. And then I have some cucumbers with hummus.

1300: I read and do some underlining in my GRE study guide-book and do some Magoosh vocab flashcards, which are free online! A word I learned today: amenable = easily persuaded.

I also check the Pre-PT Grind Facebook group. There is so much good advice in there and I’m at the point where I’m checking this thing daily.

1330: I send a couple tweets and reply to blog comments. I also remember to share Greg Todd’s Mentoring Monday article on Twitter.

1400: Now I’m ready to tackle a GRE practice test. This guy takes about 4 hours…

1810: My sister calls me. She’s in Florida, and I’m in North Dakota, so we talk on the phone while I take a walk around my apartment complex. I get some sunshine and a much-needed conversation from someone in my inner circle :))

1830: My boyfriend texts me saying he’s on the way home from work, so I start thinking about dinner. I decide we’ll have left over veggie noodles (made from a spiralizer), with quinoa, poached eggs, and spring rolls. It’s a super simple dinner. The veggie noodles (made from a spiralizer) just need to be heated up, and the spring rolls are frozen and only need to be baked. So, I start with the quinoa since it takes the longest to prepare. I put it in the steamer and set the time and it beeps when it’s all done. I also slice up some cucumber to have with it all. (Attention ladies: if your guy hates vegetables try serving them with hummus. My boyfriend hates cucumbers, but he’ll eat them with hummus!)

1845: He gets home and finishes up dinner while I do another quick workout video from YouTube. This time it’s Pop Pilates Extreme Abs 3. True to its title, it kicked my butt & I modified a lot of it. But it’s a good one for me to retry soon!

1915: We finally sit down to dinner while watching Sherlock. It gets better & better by the season!

2000: We clean up the kitchen and do our dishes and talk about how our days went. I tell him about the schools I researched. He also gets the random urge to make chocolate chip cookies so he does that while I pack his lunch for tomorrow.

2100: We watch another episode of Sherlock in between batches of cookies going in and out of the oven. I also do some foam rolling and can’t believe how bad my quads needed it!

2115: By this time we start getting ready for bed. We watch YouTube shows for a little while. I make some popcorn and a cup of hot tea (ginger + magnesium).

2200: I check Twitter and respond to some messages. I scroll, scroll, scroll and see that Dr. Ben Fung has posted a video about “Applying” to something and it catches my attention. The video was his weekly Relate in 8, and it is called: Connecting Before you “Apply.” He gave some awesome advice about having a relationship with the people who work at PT schools and how that will make our chances of getting accepted waaay more likely.

2230: It’s finally time for bed! I’m excited for tomorrow because we have an appointment to go tour an apartment complex in town. We want to downsize to a studio apartment and save more money (especially because PT school aint cheap ;)) I drink some water, get in bed, and I’m out!

If you want to connect with Jess, you can:
email her at ptcontender@gmail.com or find her on Twitter & Snapchat @ptcontender!

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If you’d like to share your ‘A Day in the Life’ & be featured on our website, please send your submissions to: PreDPTsociety@gmail.com






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  1. Reblogged this on PT Contender and commented:
    Hey everyone! Our virtual club, Pre-DPT Society, is accepting submissions from the PT community for the topic: A Day in the Life. I had to reblog because mine is the first entry up! There will be others published soon & I can’t wait to read those and learn more about how other people in my future career field fill their day :))

    I’m going to have a kiwi, an orange, and definitely some coffee in a little bit. Have a great day!

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