Rosita Ramirez, Pre-PT : A Day in the Life

We are so pleased to feature Rosita, a very impressive pre-PT student with a lot to offer. We have loved reading about her day and are seriously intrigued by her undergrad major. Huge thanks to Rosita for being brave and being the FIRST pre-PT student to submit a piece for Pre-DPT Society! We can learn a lot from not only her hustle, but also how she balances her busy lifestyle. Oh, and keep your eyes open for a mini-lymphedema therapy lesson. Join us as we follow along on Rosita’s journey to PT school! 

Dr. Jasmine Marcus, PT DPT : A Day in the Life

Once we start pursuing physical therapy as a career, we learn something pretty quickly: No two physical therapists have the same job. There are so many variables in play! These  variables include the types of settings, the patients they see, parts of the country/world they practice in, and even changes from clinic to clinic, and company to... Continue Reading →

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